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Perspective Fields

Development Field - Construction Field
  • General mapping based on GIS: Updates areas, improves currency map info at lower cost and in less time Exploration - Assessment - Inventory: Assessment before investments helps in planning better and avoiding conflicts
  • Mapping of natural features: Updating flood maps
  • Site surveys, including topographic mapping
  • Preliminary mapping for route locations (roads, railroads, power lines, pipelines, canals, etc.)
  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Real-estate or land development mapping at conceptual stage to develop accurate 3D simulations
  • Spatial planning and planning and monitoring
  • Roof and building inspection
  • Surveys for quality assurance for construction projects
  • Provide important information for buildings
  • Inspecting overhead power lines with maximum precision and safety
  • Detect failures such as bridge cracks (even under the bridge)
  • Oil, gas, and mineral exploration and production: Performing geophysical surveys, geomagnetic surveys, measurements of the earth’s differential magnetic field strength, and calculating the nature of the underlying magnetic rock structure.  This knowledge helps trained geophysicists to predict the location of mineral deposits. The production side of oil and gas exploration and production entails the monitoring of the integrity of oil and gas pipelines and related installation.
Cultural Field
  • Cinematography - filmmaking - photography – sports
  • Archeological assessments
Protection Field
  • Fire detection & flood detection
  • Assistance and remediation in times of hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Domestic policing, boarding patrol, traffic management
Environmental Field
  • Plantation and animal inventory
  • Surveillance and determination of volumes removed in a surface mine, stockpiles and materials
Agricultural Field
  • Crop monitoring, spray crops
  • Scouts for problems (weeds, insects stress, crop stress, water stress, barriers)