The UAV Pilot Training Program consists of three phases. Phase 1 web based ground school of 2 days, phase 2 UAV PC based simulator flown 2 days and phase 3 2 full days of training in the field operating the flights. Our team attended the program for the Trimble UX 5 UAV and received the certificates UAV Pilot Certificate.

Suppling rTK Bramor, C-astral

Suppling rTK Bramor, C-astral- coming up June 2015


Aviatop PC in May, 2015 participated Moniterra group of affiliated companies to offer its experience in aerial mapping services. www.moniterra.engineering

Moniterra Group and Encardio Rite

Moniterra Group with Encardio Rite is attending in May 22-28,2015 in Dubrovnik, Croatia the 41st General Assembly and Congress of International Tunneling Association ITA-AITES , ITAWTC 2015 a World Tunnel Congress. www.wtc15.com


Aviatop PC has offered until today its aerial mapping service to more than 20 projects, covering more than 300Km2 operating more than 100 flights